Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Vigil (Fish, 1990)

The solo career of Fish, the first Marillion's frontman is a fluctuating one, with good and bad moments since he left the band. For sure, his first album, "Vigil in A Wilderness of Mirrors" still is one of his best achievements and its opening track, "Vigil" is probably my favourite one. It's an atmospheric song of more than 8 minutes, featuring a very good mix of moods, with a sensitive verse, an airy chorus and some interesting instrumental passages, including John Gilbin's bags, as a welcome Scottish signature.

Mark Wilkinson's art for Fish's first album.

Also the lyrics are excellent, with the typical Fish's uneasiness towards life and social ties. Maybe you'll miss some more rythm here, but the pliable, intimate and painful voice of Mr. Dick will certainly compensate for that. Each time Fish has a good song like this one, I'm there to listen to him.

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