Friday 30 June 2023

Vesper's End (The Id, 2017)

 The Id are a truly International band, with members coming from different countries and that apparently never met in the flesh. Nevertheless, they released six albums between 2015 and 2019. They play a melody-oriented neo-prog music and if they're in this blog is because I think they know how to do it. Even if their arrangements aren't stunning new and the production is just the best a self produced band can get, they write beautiful melodies and always put emotions first and that's exactly what I like. 

There's alway a disquieting eye on The Id's cover arts.

This 20 minutes suite taken from their 2017 album "Confluence 1", is one of their best tracks, IMHO. You'll find here instrumental skills, beautiful tempo changes, catching riffs, enlightening atmospheres and, of course, well found musical themes.  The solos are perfectly performed, but they're never showy and always functional to the big picture. Another good reason to love The Id.