Friday 31 January 2020

Stifinner (Jordsjø, 2019)

Norway is home to a good deal of symphonic rock bands. Jordsjø's core line-up is a duo, namely Håkon Oftung (vocals and keyboard) and Kristian Frøland (drums), backed in their 2019 album titled Nattfiolen (the  lesser butterfly-orchid depicted on the CD the cover art) by five more musicians... including two keyboardists! "Stifinner" (meaning "pathfinder") is a pastoral-oriented song with louder Mellotron riffs and a lot of acoustic passages including beautiful flutes and acoustic guitars.

I also happen to like this beautiful cover art...
As usual with Jordsjø, the Seventies smell is strong and enticing, flowing through folk roots and symphonic arrangements. I like the melodies and the mood changes, and the Norwegian lyrics add a Nordic atmosphere to such a beautiful mix. Last but not least, even if there are several quiet and dreamy passages, you'llfind here a dynamic and creative drumming, an uncommon feature in pastoral tracks.