Wednesday 31 January 2024

Sign of The Times (Pallas, 2023)

Pallas are like good wine: they improve with each passing year. Their December 2023 album titled "The Messenger" is a very fine piece of prog, full of energy, creativity and, last but not least, beautiful musical themes. "Sign of The Times" is the opening track and it includes all the essential features of the album: majestic riffs, tight progressions, unpredictable changes, atmospheric passages, impeccable performances, an underlying strain and a challenging plot. 

Such a beautiful cover art!

The harsh lyrics are well written and perfectly sung by Alan Reed, a singer I adore. How can I describe his voice? Last time I tried to he desagreed, but he seems to me he's like a modern Janus with two faces: an angel and a devil. And I like both. The rest of the band, of course, is also awesome and our friends from Aberdeen are a perfect clockwork, a treat for the pickiest ears. Just listen to this song and you'll be aboard the most exciting roller coaster... don't stop the ride!