Sunday 2 February 2014

De Homine Urbano (Ache, 1970)

I'm finally adding a Danish band to my little collection. And with pleasure, because Ache are really worth more than a listening and also the Esoteric label remastered reissue of their first two albums. "De Homine Urbano" is the title track of Ache's debut work, a 19 minutes early symphonic suite in 10 movements. An excellent specimen of Hammond prog era, believe me. Not only Peter Mellin's organ, but all the instruments create a rather mysterious and almost mystical mood, where Torsten Olaffson's bass guitar shines with its creative lines and incessant embroidelries.

There must be an ocean of forgotten masterpieces over there...

It's a long and interesting trip into our own darkest side and Ache need no words to describe the torments and dreams hunting the so called civilised world. Each tempo change, each new theme, each organ chord, each guitar riff come like a surprise and give me a special pleasure. It's also interesting to know that this suite was originally conceived as the music for a ballet. Please discover this long forgotten pearl, you'll be back to it very soon.

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