Friday 31 May 2024

Earth Hymn (Manfred Mann's Earth Band, 1974)

Manfred Mann and his Earth Band are among the most underrated acts in rock (and prog rock) history. Nevertheless, they released awesome albums and evergreen tracks, like this "Earth Hymn", part of "The Good Earth" album (1974). This is a Chris Slade and Manfred Mann's song, a majestic ballad including some stunning guitar solos and beautiful lyrics about the musical and spiritual sound of our planet. 

Did you know the first copies of this album entitled the purchasers
over one square foot or real earth in Wales?

The ecological inspiration of the album grows into a metaphysical approach in "Earth Hymn", even if nothing here sounds like tricky of sophisticated. On the contrary, you'll find a fluid, natural hymn suspended between psychedelia and prog, peace and strength. Even if the sung theme is simple and catchy, the arrangement is an ever changing one, full of beautiful surprises. In a word, a highly original and enjoyable piece of (progressive) music.