Wednesday 30 June 2021

Ascending Forth (Black Midi, 2021)

 One of prog rock's strongest points surely is its amazing diversity and unpredictable evolution. Still, the more it changes, the more it remains itself. Black Midi are a beautiful example of such a statement. This young and open minded band carry out their own musical research through contaminations and keen composition patterns, just like the masters used to do, but with renewed energies and up to date visions. This is the closing track of their 2021 Cavalcade album, a magic cauldron in which Black Midi mix a good deal of different inspirations, instrumental solutions and emotional passages. How many landscapes in this 10 minute song, how many changes, how many old and new sounds! 

Order and chaos: a good depiction of Black Midi's music.

The moving vocals are likely the first thing you pick up listening to "Ascending Forth" and surely the way they flow through a stunning series of ups and downs ensures a deep, introspective mood to this song.  But then the brilliant framework in which all instruments and each musical change are pefrectly embedded unfolds all the attractions of the song. There's a scent of King Crimson, a hint of Tools and VDGG and even a Genesis breeze here, but above all the skills of these musicians we hope to meet again very soon on the trails of new prog journeys.