Monday 17 February 2014

Waiting to Happen (Marillion, 1991)

When I first listened to this song I was surprised. A very simple and almost traditional ballad, acoustically arranged, including lyrics about love, just the happiness of love. Is this prog? Is this plain pop music? Same old question I can't aswer to but saying 'I really don't care'. Just the basic facts: this is a beautiful song, featuring an aerial musical background based on 12 string guitars and keyboards, well supported by the rythm section.

"Holidays in Eden" was the second Hogarth era Marillion's album.

Mark Kelly, in particular, is pewrfect, stressing the singer's words and emphasizing the lightness of the chorus. This ballad carries the listener above the everyday fog, clearing an inner, pure sky and I'm grateful to Marillion for giving me five minutes of joy. If a beautiful song granting positive emotions and based on a solid melody isn't prog, well, this isn't.

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