Tuesday 30 June 2020

Eins (Polis, 2011)

What a magical atmosphere! German band Polis has a very rich mood palette ranging from heavy rock to romantic tracks. This is a good example of the latter. Mostly instrumental, the song explores the most spiritual quiet realms, then offers an unpredictable finale where Christian Roscher's vocals and Sascha Bormann's drums come in to give their biting touch. As usual with them, Polis like vintage instruments and are inspired both by English prog masters and by German krautrockers, so that each song of theirs has its own flavour, even if they keep a recognizable dark and deep approach to songwriting. 

"Eins" was Polis debut album in 2011.

Then I always like bands singing in their native tongue, something reminding me how universal good music and good prog rock are. Finally, the band's eclectic attitude and the way they dig into the darkest side of life could make of them the latest incarnation of the most original bands from the past, the likes of Uriah Heep or Popol Vuh. Well, at least, let's hope so!