Sunday 9 February 2014

Resurrection Day (Blue Mammoth, 2011)

Blue Mammoth is a new and interesting Brazilian band, whose mix of melody and energy immediately intrigued me. Take this "Resurection Day", for example. It's a solid, traditional rock ballad, a slow tempo song with a beautiful guitar work and sung by Andre Micheliwith passion and inner strength.

A very beautiful cover art for Blue Mammoth's debut.
The dreaming guitar of Cesar Aires is also a winning point, so full bodied and so sensitive. Blue Mammoth go back to prog roots here, and if thete's a resurection in this song, it's the soul-prog coming back to life with a brand new brilliance. So, this track is kind of Procol Harum meet Dream Theater and the final effect is really good. If you think prog is an intellectual music with no room for passion, well, this song will make you think better.

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