Sunday 31 December 2017

Time Makers (Mavara, 2017)

I listened to some Mavara's songs some years ago and liked it, so I was tempted to introduce them to my blog's readers. When their fourth album  "Consciousness" was released, however, I definitely made up my mind and I decided to put this song in my blog. "Time Makers" shows how much the band improved and is now able to make an eclectic and unpredictable kind of prog.

I'm in love with this cover art. Aren't you too?

They mix math-rock elements with classic prog and just a little bit of metal providing bright edges to their compositions. Their wall of sound effect remind me of Riverside, but you'll find hints of H-era Marillion, Porcupine Tree and, of course, King Crimson. Not only the melodies are enjoyable, but there are also clever changes and a beautiful dreaming guitar solo. What else could I ask for? Fairy tales and solid sounds... and they're from Tehran, Iran. Prog is everywhere you go.

Friday 29 December 2017

About to Fade (AltaVia, 2016)

Italian prog never dies. It even evolves and conjures up new landscapes. This is the case with AltaVia, whose rather eclectic approach to prog never betrays our favourite genre's roots. This track, taken from the album Kreosote, features a fully enjoyable mix of classic prog, space rock and - why not? - mainstream pop-rock. Andrea Stagni's keyboards and vocals follow the narrow and winding path between familiar sounds and contemporary moods, building up a fairy (but never too fragile) musical architecture.
Kreosote is the second studio album by AltaVia.
The rest of the band is also up to such a tricky task: please take Mauro Monti's hearty guitar solo or the creative rythm solutions provided by Giuliano Vandelli and Marcello Bellina. This everchanging song has the spicy flavour of the Seventies and the fragrant taste of a freshly baked cake. That's exactly the kind of musical food I just can't get enough.