Tuesday 30 April 2024

Between Air And Water (Sykofant, 2024)

"Sykofant" is the self titled debut album of a Norwergian band I immediately appreciated for their perfect balance between classic and innovative prog rock. "Between Air And Water" is their leading single and also a beautiful way to get into their musical world. On first listen, one falls in love with Emil Moen's and Per Semb's guitars, undoubtedly two skilled and sensitive performers reminding me the early Pink Floyd's mood and Wishbone Ash's double guitar work, all with a modern, eclectic twist. 

Sycofant's debut album cover art.

Then a more careful listening unfolds the stunning work provided by the rythm section, namely drummer Melvin Treider and bass player Sindre Haugen. Not only they supply an accurate but never repetitive background, but they also prepare the amazing tempo changes giving to the track an even more progressive texture. Please note that prog rock acts without keyboards are not so common and it's always a daring job, but Sykofant perfectly worked it out!