Thursday 30 November 2023

Listen through The Noise (Rainburn, 2023)

Rainburn are a gifted Indian band, responsible for a modern, diversified and enjoyable eclectic prog. This track, coming from their 2023 album titled "Vignettes", featuring a new line-up, has a highly dynamic structure and a welcome King Crimson reference many of you will recognize. The rythmic weaving is thick, exciting and full of surprises, The tempo changes are perfect and all the instruments are smart and stingy. 

Fun and colourful. "Vignettes" cover art is perfect for the music inside.

I also like Vats Iyengar's vocal performace, suitably backed by the other band members. The general feeling is that of a refreshing, modern and open minded approach to prog rock. Rainburn are a worthy band to explore, as their music follows many different paths. Like ol' good prog should always do.