Monday 28 February 2022

Il vento cambia strada (Garybaldi, 2016)

 I'm usually wary when it comes to resuscitate old bands and old musical styles, so I must confess that I put off the purchase of Garybaldi's "Storie di un'altra città" ("Other Towns' Stories") album. And I was wrong. Not only it proved to be a very good work tro my ears, but I appreciated the variety and liveliness of these songs, the humour and the cleverness of the band, mostly based on new and skillful members. You'll find here all the different facets of '70s Italian Prog: jazzy moods, the acoustic feelings, mellow moments and of course rock edges. All in. 

A beautiful cover art by painter Pietro Spica.

I chose for my blog the closing track, a fully melodic ballad reminding me Le Orme or some of the sweetest PFM's songs, but with a slightly acid bonus touch. There are many instruments, including a guest string duo, melancholy keyboards and both acoustic and electric guitars. The bass lines are provided by Angelo Traverso, not exactly a guest musician, being a member of pre-Garybaldi band Gleemen. For sure, "Il vento cambia strada" (meaning "The Wind changes direction") is a magical trip. And this is not vintage.... this is evergreen music!