Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Signos en el cielo (Nexus, 1999)

This 11 minutes bombastic, symphonic track comes from Argtina and more exactly from "Detrás del umbral" ("Behind The Threshold", in English), the debut album of Nexus, a very interesting Buenos Aires based band. What I most like here is the wide range of musical solutions they adopt, including excellent keyboard effects and an effective rythm section. I also appreciate the strong and beautiful voice of Mariela González, actually fit for both delicate and heavy passages.

All is bombastic here, even the cover art...

Nexus are specially able to mix modern and vintage sounds, so that you'll find here electronic up to date effects and the good ol' Mellotron ones, distorted guitars and dreaming arpeggios, atmospheric moods and wild progressions. The lyrics in Spanish ("Signos en el cielo" means "Signs in The Sky", as you surely guessed) add something new to the big picture and there's a very good wall of sound in the most emphatic peaks of the song. Seems like the Giant Hogweed is back to strike its enemies.

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