Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Pleine lune (Motis, 2011)

One of the most interesting last generation French bands, Motis play a Medieval prog full of energy and still linked to their National rock heritage. "Pleine lune" (meaning "Full Moon" in English), taken from the album "Ripaille", is a beautiful song, where a strongly cadenced verse, a sweet bridge and a rock chorus follow one other in a well conceived musical pattern. There's also a short enthralling instrumental passage I especially like, showing the remarkable skills of each musician. 

This is probably my favourite album by Motis.

You'll find here something of the dramatic singing of Ange combined with a large range of prog folk features, including some suggestive percussion tools and a beautiful flute. The sung melodies are both catchy and original, reinventing the Medieval ballad in a cleverly updated way. I can't but recommend this track and the whole dicography of Motis, a pleasant adventure through notes and eras.

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