Thursday 31 January 2019

La Dame de braise (Magnésis, 2015)

One of the most prolific bands in  the Neo-progressive galaxy and in the everchanging French national scene, Magnésis are fond of dark and Medieval atmospheres, but also of tempo changes and long compositions. This title track comes from their "La Dame de braise" album, released in 2015 and is a melodic ballad, part  of this folk-inspired concept, dealing with phantoms, unlucky love stories, wars and noble families. Nothing new, that's true, but everything here is very well done. 

A somber story of love and fire...

If Magnésis's longest tracks are sometimes a little artificial and even weak in some of their passages, this band is perfect when it comes to gentle and shorter songs. This is the case with "La Dame de braise" (meaning "The Embers Lady"), a lunar, dreamy piece of music, including a beautiful guitar solo and a long coda of burning sound effects linked to the concept story. In short, a pretty, evocative song for your collection.