Sunday 31 March 2019

Who Are You Now (Justin Hayward - John Lodge, 1975)

The Moody Blues members Justin Hayward and John Lodge released a beautiful pastoral prog album titled "Blue Jays" in 1975, during the long band's hiatus between  "Seventh Sojourn" (1972) and "Octave" (1978). I do love this record, a stunning collection of folk-based ballads and captivating melodies. "Who Are You Now"perfectly depicts the misty mood of the entire LP and in less than three minutes displays a heartbreaking range of melancholy chords and effective arrangements.

Phil Travers is a true master if you need  melancholy landscapes.

This song was written by Hayward and surely bears his most appreciated trademarks, such as the warm, autumnal sound, based on acoustic instruments and backing calm, friendly vocals. The lyrics perfectly match the music, wondering about someone the singer loved and got out of touch. A moving sketch, really.