Friday 31 December 2021

And I Stood Transfixed (The Emerald Dawn, 2021)

The first time I read something about this Scottish band (now based in Cornwall, I think) they were introduced as an average neo-prog band, so I virtually noted their name somewhere in my mind and said to myself I had to listen to their music sooner or later. Then I found this song surfing the prog net and I realized it was far more than just another derivative act. Please listen to "And I Stood Transfixed" and see what's inside this 15 minute piece of music. 

"To Touch The Sky" is the fourth studio album from The Emerald Dawn.

Obscure atmospheres, spacey keyboards, a crying sax, a pulsing fretless bass, a sensitive drumming, a wonderful guitar solo... and of course beautiful melodies embedded in a smart pattern. These musicians have their own way to take the listener in another dimension and they have a warm, creative approach to prog rock. It's one of the best instrumental tracks from the early 2020s, IMHO. The whole "To Touch The Sky" album is worth your attention, and I do believe we'll hear more of this band in the near future.