Saturday, 15 February 2014

Away from You (Kansas, 1979)

It's funny to discover how many good prog tracks were released in 1979, when apparently the greatest season of our genre was over. This "Away from You", for example, is an enthralling up tempo song, were keayboards and guitars interplay and Steve Walsh's voice provides the best topping on such a lively musical cake (even anticipating some musical solutions of his upcoming first solo album). 

A mix of tradition and future:
these are both the cover and the music of "Monolith".

Rythm and energy are the first feature of this song the listener perceives, but I also feel passion and like the acoustic passages of "Away from You", adding a country taste and some more facets to the track. Really, I adore the "heroic", spectacular and somehow American side of Kansas and this song is a perfect specimen of this mood.

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