Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Summoned by Bells (Big Big Train, 2012)

I'm a proud fan of Big Big Train's "English Electric" musical project. I found in it the progressive soul and a lot o good themes and melodies. This track is taken from the first part of the band's victorian fresque, and I especially like it. At first, David Longdon's beautiful voice is surrounded by such a rich choice of sweet instruments and Genesis-like sounds that the harsh guitar introducing the bridge comes like a surpise. The rest of the song flows away pleasantly between the two banks of tradition and innovation.

"English Electric" was released into two full length CDs plus an EP.
I highly recommend the complete set with beautiful arts.

The dramatic tempo change around minute 6:40 is another unpredictable passage and the following wind section is pure magic to me. Andy Poole's electric guitar switches from Hackett to Fripp in a moment and when the track fades away you'd ask for more. A special mention goes to Nick D'Virgilio and his drums, giving a strong and lively colour to BBT's music, but what's really amazing is the perfect mix of the band's skills. Really, this is another excellent song from one of the best prog bands out there. 

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