Wednesday 30 August 2023

Another Life Not Lived (Galahad, 2022)

2022 Galahad's album "The Last Great Adventurer" was a very, very good one. And of course there were some upbeat and intricate tracks I enjoyed and still enjoy today. But even in prog rock there are momens, lyrics and songs going beyond music itself and giving you a kick inside. Take this one. A suspended, beautiful ballad the band dedicated to their late bassist Neil Pepper (who died in 2011) and dealing with pain, injustice and memory. 

I loved everything in this album, including its perfect cover art.

What makes a tribute song a great track is its capacity to get the core of a tragic loss turning a private sorrow into a universal experience. In order to do such a thing you need many things as a good theme, a suited arrangement, a delicate approach and, of course, a heartfelt vocal performance. Now Galahad put into "Another Life Not Lived" all the above and much more and they went directly into my deepest soul. This really is a great sdventure for all listeners, believe me.