Friday 31 July 2020

Sepia And White (Abel Ganz, 2020)

The readers of my blog already know I like Abel Ganz very much. The first reason of this is that these Scottish musicians always improve and their music sounds richer and more interesting each time they release a new album. 2020's "The Life Of The Honey Bee and Other Moments Of Clarity" is another turning point in such a progress. This song, the longest one from the album (virtually a suite), is possibly the brightest gem of a brilliant collection. It displays charming arrangements, many time changes and beautiful melodies. 

A splendid cover art, isn't it?

The (electric) piano adds here and there a moving touch, while David King offers a beautiful guitar solo, Mick MacFarlane sings putting all his soul in each and every word from beautiful lyrics about passing time and new horizons. Of course, the keyboards duo provide the usual amount of magic and the rythm section keeps it up. This is exactly that kind of song I recommend to those who distrust neo-prog bands. They usually change their mind.