Sunday, 16 February 2014

Mounds (Eternal Wanderers, 2011)

A very interesting discovery I recently did, both this track and the band, I mean. And this for two main reasons. Firstly, a female driven prog band isn't usual at all, but really welcome. In fact, two members of "Eternal Wanderers" are women, the sisters Tatyana and Elena Kanevskaya,  and they play the main roles: keyboards and vocals. Secondly, they do a very eclectic prog. Take this track, taken from the album "So Far And So Near", for example: you'll find the gloomy atmosphere of post-prog bands like "Paatos" or "White Willow", with an airy and loud melody.

"So Far And So Near" is Eternal Wanderers' second album.

Even the official video is a lugubrious one, including murders, shrouded characters, candles and no colours at all. But as the track goes on, many unpredictable changes will surprise you and you'll hear classic prog progressions, Eastern European folk roots (they're Russian, after all...) and even some space rock scent. And the passages between all those different moments are terrific. I really enjoyed this track... now try it yourselves.

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