Friday 29 November 2019

Geoffroy (Emeraude, 1981)

If you like well written mellow prog, this French band is definitely for you. And as I have to choose just one song from their little repertoire, here you are Geoffroy, a 17 minutes song with some beautiful changes and strong folk roots. The Medieval smell of this track and its acoustic passages did not go unnoticed back in 1981 and Emeraude's debut album, intended for a few local fans, was re-released in 1994, then in 2014. First of all, the musical themes are very good, ballad-like melodies and yet richly finished. 

Emeraude: a Medieval way to prog...

In tis folk influenced song, there are also many spacey keyboards and even a Gilmour-esque guitar finale, and maybe some will find this final section a little too long, but it's so sweet and packed with magic that I surely like the whole composition. The lyrics about knights and mystic quests perfectly fit with Emeraude's music, so that this can be considered just another hidden gem from the most difficult decade of progressive rock.