Monday 29 October 2018

July Morning (Uriah Heep, 1971)

Uriah Heep surely are one of the most eclectic bands ever, spanning over a wide range of genres and sounds. That's why I can easily put one of their best songs in this prog blog. "July Morning" is a 10 minutes jewel from "Look at Yourself" album, featuring all the musical highlights of Huriah Heep. Let's see: a magical organ, a sweet ballad-like verse, a vocally perfect chorus, the legendary  keyboards / guitar final interplay, a lot of instrumental sections and beautiful changes. 

"Look at Yourself" came with a peculiar mirror cover...

The rock essence of "July Morning" keeps pace with its lyrical, dreamy inspiration, just the way a good prog song should do. Useless to say, all the members of the band are at their best and Manfred Mann appears as a guest adding his minimoog to such a rich palette. This song is just another reason to say how influential and even underrated Huriah Heep are.