Monday 10 February 2014

En Castille (XII Alfonso, 1998)

I don't always like XII Alfonso when playing New Age (It's my fault, of course, not theirs), but I really adore their forlk oriented tracks, like this "En Castille", offered as a bonus track in their "Odysées" album, released in the year 1999, a project involving more than 20 musicians. Actually, our track was one year older than the album. Just listen to its joyful rythm, to its wide range of acoustic instruments and to all the creative interplays it features.

There are three different pressings of this album,
including different bonus tracks.

The Mediterranean atmosphere - not necessarily Spanish - reminds me of a summer sunset at the seaside. The Spanish guitar solo is simply splendid... and what about the mandolin? Wonderful. Sure, there's no rock'n'roll here, but I'm sure I will survive even without a single electric guitar. It's an enthralling instrumental song, rich and bright, caressing and optimistic. And you won't find this everywhere.

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