Friday, 7 February 2014

The Statue (Mindgames, 2006)

If I had to choose a single song as a modern prog rock digest, I'd probably pick up this Mindgame's epic. Taken from their second album "Actors in A Play", "The Statue" begins with a church organ intro, then goes through many different moods somewhat related to some of the greatest artists in our beloved genre, without being a derivative work. There's a fresh, even joyful feel throughout the 16 minutes of the song, a clever distribution of the musical ingredients and a highly creative mix of old and new sounds.

This was Mindgame's second album. I do recommend it.

Those Belgian guys like melodic prog, but they also know how important is to surprise the listener and they do it very, very well. This suite isn't a straight line, it's a zigzag through a puzzling land so that you'll find a great energy and something new at each and every corner. Last but not least, Mindgames play well and I especially like Bart Schram's clear and pleasant voice, Tom Truyers' manifold keyboards and Rudy Vander's beautiful electric guitar solos. Believe me or not, this is a brilliant track.

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