Sunday 28 February 2021

Control (Butler's Experiment, 2021)

Even for a little prog rock blog like this one, it is essential to keep an eye to new bands and young musicians around the net. Butler's Experiment are e Scottish act from Glasgow and I do like their original musical mix of neo-prog, 80s new wave and evergreen pop-rock. After their debut album titled "Torchlight Splinters", here you are a new single, "Control", corroborating the skills and good tastes of these musicians. 

Please find Butler's Experiment on their Soundcloud page:

You'll find a cleverly built track, a sparkling mood and even a welcome rough side (à la Rush, I daresay), matching with their modern and eclectic approach to prog rock. These five proggers also have the clear, captivating sounds and the unaffected songwriting I often appreciate in Scottish  musicians... they're somewhere between Abel Ganz's refinement and Belle & Sebastian's introspection. I'm sure this promising band will soon be back on my blog and - above all - on my playlist.