Tuesday 28 September 2021

Los Delirios del Mariscal (Crucis, 1976)

Crucis are one of the most influential bands from Argentina, despite the exiguity of their discography, no more than two studio albums and some live recordings. This is the title track from their second LP, meaning "The Marshal's Deliriums", released in 1976, just some months before they disbanded. Crucis were a rather eclectic act: their symphonic style included heavy and delicate moments and this track belongs to the latter. It's a 10 minute instrumental piece (all songs but one have no lyrics in this album) where Kerpel's calm and elegant keyboards perfectly match with Marrone's guitar solos. 

Juan Gatti is responsible for this beautiful art cover.

The well found recurring main theme guides the listener through an impressive and liquid crescendo beginning with an ethereal, spacey atmosphere and leading to the majestic finaale, something reminding me of Camel's best moments. No intricacy here, no sudden changes, no showy passages: just pure emotion and instrumental skills well spent for the big picture. In short, beautiful and clever!