Monday 31 January 2022

Pavilion (Glaswegians, 2022)

Here you are a very unconventianal approach to prog, something that will intrigue, I'm sure, my open minded friends reading this blog. Glaswegians is Michael Elder's brainchild and as far as I know it's a Canadian project, so don't ask me where's its link with Glasgow... maybe Michael himself will explain this. "Pavilion" comes from the 2022 album Quaternary ( Glaswegians' fourth studio release, still to be released when I'm writing this) and is a fascinating instrumental suite, switching between twirling, compulsing electronic sounds and acoustic, melodic interludes. 

"Quaternary" includes four tracks and is the fourth album by Glaswegians.

There's an awesome number of musical instruments here and even more tempo and mood changes... so prepare yourself to a rich and unusual blend. It's almost Brian Eno meets Ant Phillips... and if you think that's an impossible match, well, listen to this and you'll change your mind. It's a profound, uncanny track, even distressing at times, but when such an experience is over you'll find yourself somewhat different, like someone coming home after a trip in a far, exotic land. Only, this land is inside yourself. Well done, Michael!