Friday 21 February 2014

Get 'em out by Friday (Genesis, 1972)

An unpredictable, unfailing musical reservoir still providing inspiration to so many musicians today. Taken from "Foxtrot", this is one of the most theatrical Genesis' tracks, featuring a Peter Gabriel's histrionic performance, where several character come to life before our very eyes (or ears?), each one with his distinctive temper and voice. The sci-fi lyrics are about speculation and greed, partially inspired to a pair of SF novels and short stories from the pulp magazine golden era. But if Gabriel and his ironic plot amaze the listener, it would be unforgivable to ignore the musical contents of "Get 'em out by Friday".

I don't need to introduce this album nor its cover art, I suppose...

Not only there are three spendid themes and a lot of interesting instrumental passages, but the rythm work is simply astonishing, featuring a series of changes, unusual tempos and intricate bass and drum lines and interplays. Each time I listen to this track I walk in an upside down fairy tale and I'm sure I'll never be tired to get in.

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