Monday 30 November 2020

Merry Macabre (Wobbler, 2020)

Wobbler surely are one of the most interesting bands worldwide when it comes to classic prog and vintage sounds. Their 2020 release titled "Dwellers of The Deep" is worth its promising title and includes this 19 minutes song, an amazing journey through different progressive references and styles. Not only this track is full of good musical themes, mood changes and irregular tempos, but it's also a technical tour de force, thanks to the band's instrumental skills and the song's daring architecture. 

                                                        As usual, a wonderful cover!

Even if Wobbler follow well known musical tracks, they mix them up in their own original way and - what's more - seem to enjoy what they're doing. That's why the listener is fully involved in their devilish rythms, intricate vocal harmonies and atmospheric breaks. I especially like the piano driven sections, actng as respite and launching the following sections. Wobbler really dwell in the deepest rooms of music and there's a yellow brick road leading to their beautiful house somewhere in the centre of Progtown.