Tuesday 22 May 2018

Absent Lovers (The Aaron Clift Experiment, 2018)

The Aaron Clift Experiment is a highly skilled trio based in Austin, Texas and leaded by Mr Clift with an open wided and eclectic approach to prog. Their records include many of my favourite features: tempo changes, unpredictable passages, acoustic/electric mix and, last but not least, an enviable balance of old glorious sounds and up-to-date solutions. That said, "Absent Lovers" comes from the band's 2018 album "If All Goes Wrong" and deliciously swings between dreaming moods and vigorous progressions. 

"If All Goes Wrong" is the third studio album by the band.

As usual, Aaron's voice is strong and tense, while the guest string trio (violin, viola and cello) and Fred Springer's classical guitar add a special charm to the composition. You'll find some welcome King Crimson  and early Genesis hints here and there, but also a remarkable coherence of such a rich musical plot. "Abesent Lovers" is divided into three acts, kind of a mini-suite following the sea scented lyrics, based on the hero's return, an emotional rendering of the Odyssey I really appreciate. Here I point up another highlight of Aaron & friends: despite their literary references and their lushing instrumentation, they never go showy and their music has the grace and the soundness we expect on good prog rock.