Friday 30 April 2021

Solens Sirkulære Sang (Jordsjø, 2019)

Jordsjø are another fine example of symphonic prog made in Norway and with a folky twist... the way Scadinavians know so well. Håkon Oftung, the mind behind this band, is a skilled multi-instrumentalist and a talented songwriter, the latter being a quality not to be underestimated, if you ask me. This "Solens Sirkulære Sang" (meaning "The Sun's Circular Song"), taken from the band's fifth studio album "Nattfiolen" ("The Night Violin"), fully represents the colourful and varied palette of Jordsjø's musical world. 

This beautiful artwork is by Sindre Foss Skanke.

Tempo changes, loosely folk roots, a pastoral sound provided by Hammond, Mellotron and flute, beautiful guitars and a stunning grand finale too! The perfect blend of soft and dynamic moments in this song shows an accurate search for unexpected solutions and brilliant atmospheres and a special taste for unusual song patterns. The vintage sounds are never artificial, on the contrary they are so fresh and genuine that they add the final flavour to such a tasty delicacy.