Saturday 8 February 2014

Lizard (King Crimson, 1970)

"Lizard" is a 23 minutes suite, the title track of King Crimson's third album... and I scarcely have to explain why I put it here. Anyway, let's try. First things first: the first movement, called "Prince Rupert Awakes", is the main reason why I immedfiatelt liked this track. Jon Anderson sings this slow and hypnotic ballad like an angel, maybe an acid one, but still an agel. The following "Bolero - The Peacock's Tale" adds the magic of wind instruments to the previous beautiful theme, then comes the long and intellectual deconstuction of the melody.

King Crimson in their "Lizard" line-up (1970).

In fact, I must admit, "The Battle of The Glass Tears" is a very hard to catch part, with its free jazz moments and the fragments of melodies mixed with some jamming riffs. But this is also its charm: after a while, you litterally see the music melting before your very eyes (or ears?) and flowing away like tears. The arcane finale brings back the magic for a while, but it sounds now like black magic, a sweet, addicting poison. Very few suites played a more inspiring role than "Lizard" and for a reason. Better: for many reaons.

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