Monday 31 August 2020

The Guide (Ken's Novel, 1999)

Here you are a Belgian band dealing with neo-prog sounds with a highly dynamic twist. "The Guide" is the title track of Ken's Novel's debut abulm and also its opener (or Chapter 1, following the literary presentation of this CD's tracks). There are good themes, simple and effective melodies in an upbeat main structure that some beautiful atmosferic passages enrich on the emotional side. Bernard Piette's keyboards provide a perfect background  and also some thrilling energy throughout the song. 

Denis Bulon is responsible for this imposing artwork.

Eric Vanderbemden's  guitar graces this song with lively and sometimes heavy riffs, while Patrick Muermans not only sings it very well, but also sets up a creative drumming interwined to Geoffrey Leontiev's drizzling bass. I do like the rich mixture of sounds and words in "The Guide" and its good balance between polished neo-prog and good old progressive rock.