Saturday 31 October 2020

Syracuse The Elephant (Stackridge, 1972)

Stackridge are such a perfectly British-sounding band that their name and music are always been next to a National secret for UK prog lovers. This band came from the west England (around Bristol and Bath) and developed a beautiful folk-rooted kind of prog with a Beatles hint and a good deal of humour. This track comes from the band's second album titled "Friendliness" and is a splendid example of their musical approach to prog. A beautiful sung theme, some acoustic solos, mainly violin and flute flowing on a Mellotron and piano carpet ar but a few of its charms.

"Friendliness" was re-issued in 2006 with four bonus tracks.

The somewhat surprising tempo and mood changes are another essential feature of "Syracuse The Elephant", ranging from English folk to exotic dances. These disparate musical elements are strictly linked to the Beatles-oriented sung sections about a homesick elephant captured and dressed to perform in live shows and movies. We follow his successful career from Bristol to Hollywood and are reminded of the animal's nostalgy for his homeland's veldt. A real jewel, IMHO.