Monday 30 December 2019

The Flower (Amenophis, 1983)

If you had time and kindness enough to read some of this blog's posts, you're likely to know how much I appreciate the bands that had enough guts to keep the prog flame lit up during the '80s. Amenophis did so. Not only this German band released prog albums, but they even dared to play a soft and mystic kind of symphonic rock that I certainly like but - of course- didn't assured them a successful career. This track comes from their debut album and is perfect to appreciate the delicate and varied style of Amenophis. It's a 7:30 minutes suite divided into two parts (The Appearance and Discovering The Entrance in The Shadow of A Dying Bloom), where you'll pick up a srong (and welcome) Camel influence, especially when the guitar comes in, and a very good keyboard work. 

This album was re-released on CD in 1992 by Musea.

Some of the vocal sections sound too predictable (and maybe too much Gabiel-esque) and the production is just as good as the band could afford back in 1983, but there are such beautiful, dreamy moments there that I could forgive much worse flaws. The lyrics about a mystic vision of Nature are reminiscent of the '70s, still they perfectly match with the musical mood of this trio. If you didn't know this band, I'm glad to offer in my blog a chance to get into their world (and you'll find more in my old posts).