Friday, 14 February 2014

Empty Lie, Empty Dream (Gerard, 1996)

One of my favourite Japanese (neo) prog tracks, this Gerard's opening track of their album "The Pendulum". It starts a little like Pinl Floyd's "Time" with a paraphernalia of clocks, but all the rest is completely different. Actually, it's a heavy symphonic song, driven by excellent, very fast and wild Toshio Egawa's keyboards, perfecty supported by the rythm section. Sure, the song also includes some down tempo and atmospheric sung sections, with the beautiful vocals of Robin Suchi, but Egawa's work is simply brilliant and his solos are worth more than a single listening.

An old fashioned romantic cover, as in Gerard's tradition.

Even if you'll find here a certain grandeur, those guys are never too bombastic and know when to stop it there and turn the stage. I do think Gerard are one of the musical peaks of Japanese progressive rock and their intricated style sets on fire an old proggy hearted fan like me.

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