Sunday, 23 February 2014

Reminiscencias de un mundo sin futuro (Iconoclasta, 1985)

These Mexican guys are now pretty well known and appreciated worldwide and they actually deserve that. "Reminiscencias de un mundo sin futuro" (meaning in English "Memories of a World without Future"), comes from their second album "Reminiscencias" (that is "Memories") and is a seven parts and 18 miunutes suite. Its intricated interplays, its abundance of moods and changes make this track something like a compendium of many prog rock different styles. So, you'll find here synphonic passages, slightly jazz improvisations, acoustic and lunar interludes, hints of Genesis and ELP, but also original choral arrangements and a pinch of Italian prog.

A beautiful album, including our excellent suite.

Nonetheless, this epic is perfectly balanced and surely has its own character, marked by beautiful guitars driving the music, a light but effective keyboards background, a recurring theme and also a tasteful architecture. The apocalyptic subject of the song suggests some dramatic passages, but there's a firm sense of measure everywhere and this is the last (but not least) credit I'm happy to assign to this band's music.

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