Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Lies in The Sand (Raven Sad, 2011)

 Another Italian good band, but not what one usually labals as "Italan Prog". Raven Sad are an eclectic act, mostly into atmospheric sounds with beautiful guitar and keyboard solos. Space-rock, Psych Rock, yes, but with a strong emotional twist. They like down tempo songs, but they know how to rivet their listeners, even in long songs like this one, taken from their third album "Layers of Stratosphere". 

You won't find a more spacey cover art!

Raven Sad master mood changes, something they usually achieve by alternating the  foreground instruments, especially Samuele Santanna's guitars and Fabrizio Trinci's keyboards. Each musical shift opens new perspectives and deeper landscapes, like turning stages. It's kind of discovering new worlds and the sci-fi inspiration of "Lies in The Sand" adds a space-opera dimension to the big picture. 

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Control (Butler's Experiment, 2021)

Even for a little prog rock blog like this one, it is essential to keep an eye to new bands and young musicians around the net. Butler's Experiment are e Scottish act from Glasgow and I do like their original musical mix of neo-prog, 80s new wave and evergreen pop-rock. After their debut album titled "Torchlight Splinters", here you are a new single, "Control", corroborating the skills and good tastes of these musicians. 

Please find Butler's Experiment on their Soundcloud page:

You'll find a cleverly built track, a sparkling mood and even a welcome rough side (à la Rush, I daresay), matching with their modern and eclectic approach to prog rock. These five proggers also have the clear, captivating sounds and the unaffected songwriting I often appreciate in Scottish  musicians... they're somewhere between Abel Ganz's refinement and Belle & Sebastian's introspection. I'm sure this promising band will soon be back on my blog and - above all - on my playlist. 

Sunday, 31 January 2021

L'ultimo viaggio del Principe (Celeste, 2021)

This 24 minute suite is a perfect treat for any Italian prog fan. More than this, it's one of the most beautiful tracks ever written and performed by Celeste's creative mind Ciro Perrino. If the band's 2021 album titled "Il Principe del Regno Perduto" (meaning "Lost Kingdom's Prince") explores many different ways and styles considerably expanding Celeste's musical world, this epic surely refers to the band's core mood and traditional inspiration. And they never did it so well. How many beautiful changes, fairy atmospheres and magical landscapes you'll find here! 

Larry Camarda is responsible for this celestial cover art.

Perrino knows how to blend  Vero's acoustic and electric guitars,his own  keyboards (including, of course, piano and Mellotron), Moro's wind instruments and Caputo's violin in a shiny, relieving musical pot. Bertone (bass guitar) and Cioffi (drums) farly provide a discreet and breezy rythmic background to Celeste's graceful tale. Last but not least, "L'ultimo viaggio del Principe" includes some of the best musical themes Perrino ever penned for his progressive act. Sensitive and dainty, these melodies also have a nearly spiritual aftertaste reverberating on the fanciful  lyrics of this track, sung by three different and well assorted voices. A prog gem I highly recommend to you all, an emotional trip on a higher dimension or maybe inside yourself.

With the kind permission of the band, please find here an e-mail for any infos on how to purchase their CDs: