Thursday 20 February 2014

Soleil d'aube (Visible Wind, 1991)

Let me take a rest with this sweet, romantic song coming from Québec, Canada. Here - and in the whole "A Moment beyond Time" album - those musicians were influenced by middle era Genesis and they succeeded in conjuring up a suspended, relaxing atmosphere. The French lyrics add some more sweetness and authenticity to the big picture, so that you don't even try to sort this track under any label and just enjoy it, following its languid tempo.

This was the second album by "Visible Wind".

The long electric guitar duet starting at minute 2:30 is maybe the musical peak of "Soleil d'aube" (meaning "Dawn Sun"), but I also like Philippe Woolgar's warm vocals. If you feel like listening to some melodic prog and you didn't dislike the "...And Then There Were Three.." album by a well known English threesome, well, you may try this. I did and still do.

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