Sunday, 20 October 2013

Seasons End (Marillion, 1989)

As you probably presumed, I like Marillion. And this for many reasons, including this one: they can write songs both prog and catchy. "Seasons End" is one of my favourite ones in this style. Plain as it is, this track is also a brilliant and deep example of prog ballad, where a beautiful melody meets a clever arrangement and, of course, a dreamy Steve Rothery's guitar solo. The lyrics about climate change are worth a careful listening (and eventual reading):

Marillion's line up for "Seasons End": welcome, Mr. H!

We'll tell our children's children why
We grew so tall and reached so high ,
We left our footprints in the earth
And punched a hole right through the sky.

We'll tell them how we changed the world
And how we tamed the sea.
And seasons they'll never know
In England.

The instrumental section leading to the end of the song is also one of my favourite moments, both gentle and tight, with Hogarth's lead voice in the background. Here (and elsewhere too) Mark Kelly leaves his trace choosing the most effective sounds for the song and its message. Excellent song, if ever one was written.

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