Friday, 25 October 2013

Looking for A Platform (Abel Ganz, 2008)

When Abel Ganz came back in 2008 with their "Shooting Albatross" CD, I was simply amazed. I knew their '80s and '90s music, a fine neo-prog specimen, but this time there was something more. Take this opening epic, for example. It's a 15 minute suite based on beautiful riffs and themes and always movins, changing, weaving, diversifying.

The way we were... Abel Ganz in their '80s line up!
The first extra feature is the abundant use of acoustic instruments, so well merged with the rock outfit. Another winning point is the effective musical architecture, lining up gentle and lively sections, theme variations and reprises, slightly folk influences, solos and instrumental drawings. It sounds like Genesis meet Mostly Autumn... and that's saying something! Yes, I admit I like this track very much and I heartily hope Abel Ganz will come back again with another prog gift.

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