Monday, 14 October 2013

Cap'taine coeur de miel (Ange, 1978)

This 14 minute epic from the album "Guet-apens" is probably one of the best tracks by the French band Ange. I certainly like it very much. The first half of the suite lays on Christian Decamp's passionate and theatrical vocals, a stunning performance winding between drama and irony and describing an adventurous sea dog reminiscent of both Jules Verne and Arthur Rimbaud.

"Guet-apens" is often considered as the last fully prog Ange's album.

The second half is more arcane and slow. Here Decamps turns towards an inner and painful note, powerfully supported by a piercing electric guitar. There's a growing sense of frustration, as the volume rises up and the final guitar solo takes the form of a majestic cry of pain. Yes, this honey-hearted captain is a great experience for all prog children around there.

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