Sunday 27 October 2013

Farewell to Old Friends (Sylvan, 2012)

Sylvan's 2 CD album "Sceneries" is a collection of 5 suites of songs and this "Farewell to Old Friends" is the last one. The German band start with a beautiful soft rock ballad including some instrumental passages à la Radiohead, then the rythm rises up just a little and the second catchy and syncopated song comes in, with  a chorus supported by some synfonic keys. Another turning stage and we're in a melodic section Marco Glühmann sings with a growing passion.

Sylvan are enjoying a growing (and deserved) success.

Then, Jan Petersen's electric guitar introduces a heavier and mainly instrumental track with a solid (and difficult) bass and guitar interplay leading to a final and piercing guitar solo. And here, when the last guitar note still lingers on, the piano comes in to draw the background of the last, sweet but not sweetish song. This one features a very good theme and a dreamy guitar solo I especially like. A majestic finale for an excellent suite, the kind of songs that let me think: "Oh my, prog will never die!".

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