Wednesday 23 October 2013

Douce-amère (Maneige, 1977)

This delicious instrumental track comes from the album "Ni vent... ni nouvelle", by one of the most important '70s Québec prog bands. The slight jazzy sound meets here a series of acoustic instruments and a classic influence. The first part of the track is delicate and fizzy, dominated by a xylophone, while in the second half the electric guitar and a stronger rythm section add some solid rock texture to the music.

"Ni vent.. ni nouvelle" was the third album by Maneige.
Maybe these two parts correspond to the adjectives in the song title ("Douce-amère" meaning "Bittersweet" or, litterally, "Sweet-Bitter"). The theme is well written and - most of all - well exploited by the band, with pleasant tempo and volume variations. A lively and enjoyable piece of prog indeed.

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