Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Le voleur d'extase (Atoll, 1975)

Here's a very, very good specimen of '70s French progressive rock. Taken from "L'araignée mal", released in 1975, this 7'33" track has got everything you need. First, there's a beautiful and sweet sung theme. Second, this theme is interspersed with excellent instrumental passages, Third, there's a clever fusion of electric and acoustic instruments, among which I bring Richard Aubert's violin to your attention.

This cover art was drawn by Yves Uro, also from Metz,
a talented poster artist untimely dead in 1995.

And last but not least, even if the tracks reminds now and there some British bands (Yes, Mahavishu Orchestra and Genesis, but also Gentle Giant), this is a highly original piece of music with a strong French touch. Complex and elaborated, "Le voleur d'extase" can also be gentle and plain, melting jazzy and melodic sections, loud and caressing moments. Yes, those Metz-based musicians knew very well how to be rock and romantic. Listen to this, then let me know...

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