Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Io e il tempo (Nuova Era, 1992)

It's impossible to describe here my first reactions when listening to this suite, the title track of Nuova Era's third album, released in 1992. First of all, I feltt many years younger. It was like going back to places I once knew and loved... classical Italian prog of old was coming back to life. But this dejà vu effect wasn't all, 'cause this suite is an excellent piece of music, well written, well performed and well arranged. The melodies are excellent and their reprises are cleverly organised all along the track.

Out of the blue... the good ol' prog was back, stronger than ever.

The instrumental passages are sweet and solid, featuring pleasant interplays between keyboards and guitars. Walter Pini, the mind behind Nuova Era, signed here one of his finest achievements, IMHO, and his brother Ivan provided some very good lyrics about time, childhood and getting old, filled with gentle melancholy. The miracle with this track is that it really sounds new and fresh, despite all the its musical quotations. Really, one of my favourites ever.

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